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We know there are a lot of great places to buy youth ministry resources. So why should you buy from us and not someone else?

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I love what you guys are doing.” We hear that all the time and we are really humbled by that. Thank you for noticing!

At the same time, we need you to express that in practical ways by buying stuff from us so we can continue the mission of The Youth Cartel. We’re a small business, not a ministry funded by donors.

The bottom line is that your order helps us keep going. (And growing!)

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By placing an order on our store, you are building our business. The Cartel is a family-business, literally! 

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Join our Facebook group where you can ask questions directly to our editorial team and/or author. So you can see how other people are using a specific curriculum, post your questions, share ideas, and otherwise connect with people who are reading or using the same stuff as you.

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We Can’t Compete

We know that there are sites out there that can beat our prices. Heck, no one can compete with Amazon because of their economies of scale. Just know that when you spend a few pennies more it makes a big difference for us.

Actually, Buy it on Amazon!

All that said, when it comes to stuff from our publishing line, it helps us just as much to buy it from Amazon or one of our other distributors. So do what’s best for you… all we care is getting great youth ministry resources into your hands. 

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