What will be unique about Cartel Mission trips?

First, make sure you read Our Opinion on What Makes Praying Pelican Missions Unique (and Trustworthy), as that covers quite a bit about what makes these trips unique. But there’s more than that: these trips give you the best of what PPM has to offer (which, as we’ve said, is the best starting point), combined with some Cartel-y stuff from us – mainly an evening speaker from The Youth Cartel. Plus, if you resonate with who we are and what we value, you’ll be sharing your trip with other youth leaders that have a similar outlook.

The Youth Cartel is going to add some little perks for you, the leader (ooh, mystery!).

And PPM is adding some awesome perks for these trips:

  • All of our international trips have upgraded housing, so leave those air mattresses at home.
  • All of our trips include ministry money, which will be used to bless the community you’re working in by meeting some tangible needs.

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