Transportation on International Trips

Transportation in country is covered for all international trips. Typically, teams arrive, clear customs, and you’ll meet your trip leaders just outside of customs at the airport. All other ground transportation is taken care of for you. Just get to the airport and you’re good to go!

For trips in Northern Mexico and Tijuana: If you are arriving by air we will arrange to pick you up at the San Diego or Tijuana airports… pick whichever one is more convenient for you.

If you are driving we can arrange for you to leave your vehicles somewhere secure on the U.S. side. While not iron-clad, we’d much prefer to hire local drivers for transportation whenever possible rather than run the risk of you getting lost, in an accident, or deal with several hours crossing the border. We’ll provide instructions for when, where, and what to do while crossing the border. Having you walk across the border is very easy and will save you tons of time!

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