Standard Terms


We’re interested in carrying your products in our store, what are your standard terms?


We’re a small, independent publisher. As a result we do direct sales and manage our own inventory. So we don’t have a sales team, distribution center, or a trade partner: You’re dealing directly with the publisher.

Consequently, we keep our terms very simple:

  • Our wholesale discount is 50%.
  • 30 days net. (5% late fee automatically applied to your account and every 30 days afterward)
  • If you ask, we’re happy to quote shipping for you. Otherwise, we will ship USPS Priority Mail or UPS and add those fees to your invoice.
  • Our minimum order quantity for first time orders is 20. After we have an existing relationship we’re happy to work with your needs as much as possible.
  • We will accept returns if pre-authorized.

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