Shipping Policy

Online Store

Orders placed via our online store may require an additional charge for shipping/handling. Our online store software calculates shipping costs via USPS or UPS to give you, the consumer, the ability to pick the shipping option that best suits your needs. We do not set shipping rates as they come from USPS or UPS directly. Our software only adds a small per item fee on top of the shipping companies rates to cover package handling and shipping supplies.

Orders are typically shipped the same day or the next business day. Orders are picked up daily from our office and we typically make an additional delivery to the post office before they close.

Shipping information, such as tracking numbers, are added to orders at the time of shipping. If such information is available, customers may visit the link at the bottom of their receipt to view their receipt online, which will include links to the corresponding shipments.

International Orders

We do ship internationally via the United States Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Service (UPS). We use the same shipping procedure as above. If your order is more that 64 ounces, expect to pay handsomely for non-US shipping. We will contact you if we require any additional information for customs/tariff charges. You are 100% responsible for any additional charges we incur in shipping your product to you outside of the United States.

Canadian customers may ship to a U.S. address. Many Canadian orders are shipped to the United States and customers cross the border to collect their order. This saves you lots of money if you live reasonably close to a U.S. border. To do this, simply specify the U.S. shipping address when placing your order.

Special Orders

If placing a special order we will charge you the actual shipping costs we pay, this will be reflected on your invoice. If you are worried about the cost of shipping please let us know and we can provide an estimate.

Pre-ordered and Backordered Items

If your item is a pre-order, we will ship it as soon as we receive that item in stock in the order your order was placed. In other words, if you pre-ordered a new product first, your order will be packed first. We think that’s fair. 

Our online store keeps a live inventory. In other words, if you can order an item that usually means it is in stock and ready to ship. Occasionally, especially with new products, we may have to backorder your item. We will communicate that to you with updated shipping information.

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