Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Payments

Purchase Orders

You may submit to us a purchase order for products you’d like to sell. Please include the name of the item, it’s ISBN, the quantity of the item you are ordering, as well as any shipping information or requests. (Specifically, we need to know if this is a rush order or if you need us to ship via your UPS/FedEx account, etc.)

If your company doesn’t have a purchase order system in place, simply email in those orders to adam@theyouthcartel.com and we’ll confirm them with an invoice.


Most often, we will fulfill the order and then issue an invoice that has the full costs of the transaction listed. (See Standard Terms)

Your invoice will include the quantity of items shipped as well as the shipping charges due. If you’ve issued us a Purchase Order number we will do our very best to include that on the invoice, if we’ve not done that and you receive an invoice without a purchase order, please let us know. We can easily edit and resend an invoice.

Purchase History – Our invoicing system, Freshbooks, keeps all of your companies purchase history together. If you need access to your purchase history with us, please let us know and we’d be happy to give an individual within your company access to that.

See Online Payments and Account History


All invoices include the following payment options:

  • Check
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

We do not accept payments over the phone.

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