Overview of the Youth Ministry Coaching Program

Youth Ministry Coaching Program 

Whole-life coaching focusing on transformation and youth ministry development


Critical thinking and theological reflection are extremely important for youth workers who don’t merely want to perpetuate the way things have been done in the past. However, thinking and reflection are merely one portion (though a significant one) of what will help youth workers stay true to their calling and also grow in maturity and effectiveness. Emotional, relational, and spiritual health are essential to long-term impact. YMCP is designed to provide both an opportunity for critical reflection and discussion of youth ministry issues, but also to provide a safe place to experience holistic growth.

In most ways, this program will surpass the training that can be offered by seminars and conventions. It will even surpass the experience of formal education. This is specifically due to the structure of the program (a small cohort with accountability, safety and shared shaping of the content), as well as the content of the program (thoughtful youth ministry dialogue, real life application, customized personal development, emotional honesty, and spiritual direction).

Since YMCP launched in 2010, we’ve seen over 650 youth workers from more than a dozen denominations graduate from the program, and the results of have been astounding. Regardless of their age (from 20-65 years old) or experience in youth ministry (from one year to three decades), the ramifications of YMCP have resulted in profound personal and Kingdom impact.

Expected Outcomes 

After completing Youth Ministry Coaching Program, participants will have had the following experiences and opportunities:

  • Participants will grow in understanding their strengths and weaknesses, how these
    impact their leadership, ministry, and personal life, and how to lead in their
    strengths and manage their weaknesses in healthy ways.
  • They will experience new spiritual growth and insight as they safely process their own journey and the integration of their personal lives with their professional lives.
  • Cohort members will receive training on a wide variety of youth ministry issues, with
    an opportunity for dialogue and contextual application.
  • Cohorts are customizable based on participants’ input and unique needs.
  • Participants will develop life-long youth ministry peer relationships of trust and accountability.
  • They will read books in preparation for every gathering, discuss them, and determine action steps for their lives and ministries.
  • Each member will have opportunities to share ministry questions and needs to the group in areas of their own choosing, with feedback and recommendations from the group.
  • They will work through a series of self-selected homework assignments, with input from the group, and report back on their progress.
  • Participants will have one personal coaching session per month with their cohort coach (some in person and some via phone).
  • Some cohorts include provide spiritual direction sessions at every cohort gathering with a trained spiritual director.

Each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing the program. YMCP graduates will join the growing community of intentionally developed youth workers and will have access to ongoing relationship, training, and opportunities.

Application Process and Costs

You can review the application process and costs, and complete your application at www.youthcartel.com/coaching.

Structure of the Cohorts

  • Accepted participants will have an opportunity to speak into the actual meeting dates, but once set, the dates will not be flexible.
  • Each face-to-face meeting will be two days. DAY 1: begins at 8am and continues through dinner. DAY 2: begins at 8am and ends by 3:30pm.
  • In addition to the group meetings, participants will be provided a private social networking site for updates, prayer, questions, and dialogue. This will also be a place for active participation in helping each other with practical issues in youth ministry, and your coach will be involved regularly in giving input and feedback.
  • Each participant will be scheduled for a 30-minute coaching session with their coach at each of the group meetings, and will schedule a phone coaching session in between the group meetings.

Note: To download a PDF of this document as well as a sample 2-day schedule, click here

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