Digital Product Terms


I’d like to sell digital products from The Youth Cartel’s publishing line, how does that work?


We do allow retailers to sell our sell our digital goods. Here are our terms:

  • The retailer will provide TYC with a sales report quarterly. We do not require a detailed, customer level, report of actual sales. All that is required is a summary statement with the quantity of each ISBN sold and the net sales.
  • In concert with our Standard Terms, the retailer will pay TYC 50% of net sales on a quarterly basis. 
  • The retailer will store TYC digital goods in a secure manner. In other words, we want to make sure you’ve taken every effort to prevent our products from downloaded without purchase.
  • The retailer will not severely discount TYC digital goods without the permission of TYC. We are happy to be part of your promotions, but we want to make sure that customers can find our products similarly priced.

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