Basic Travel, Accommodations, & Scheduling Info

Most cohort participants will require travel to/from the face-to-face meetings. We know that can be complicated but we make it as easy as possible. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Travel – The first day of meetings start at 8am, so you’ll need to arrive the evening before. The second day of meetings ends at 3:30pm so you can get on the road that night.
  • Accommodations – Every cohort is different but we will either have a specific place for you to stay at a reasonable cost or make a couple suggestions for you. You’ll pay for your room on your own.
  • Scheduling – We select the dates of our face-to-face and online meetings (where applicable) together using an online scheduler called Doodle. It’s very important that each participant selects every date remotely possible – not just convenient – so we can get us all together in a given month. But the cool part is, everyone has a voice in selecting the dates.

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