From time to time we allow customers to backorder a product via our online store.

A couple things to know about backorders.

  1. Backorders are only available for products that we can replenish rapidly. We set-up the ability to backorder on a product-by-product basis, so if you are allowed to backorder something it means we can get it to you rather quickly.
  2. We might split your order, but feel free to tell us what you want. In general, since the store software alerts you that you are ordering a backordered item, we assume that you can wait a week or so for that item to become available. If that’s not the case, please put a note on your order when completing your order or otherwise let us know. Usually, if we think it makes sense to split the order into multiple shipments, we’ll just do that and send the rest of the stuff on when it becomes available. But if you HAVE TO have other non-backordered items pronto… please let us know. 
  3. Backorders for The Youth Cartel publishing products happen most often when we have a surge in demand for one of our books. Our printer is local (San Diego, CA) so we usually can have things replenished in a week. Obviously, we try to stay ahead of it… but sometimes a surge on a title is such that it takes a little bit to recover.

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