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Email like you could be hacked

A recent hack has left Sony Pictures Entertainment scrambling to apologize after emails were leaked. In these emails, executives trashed actors and made racially insensitive jokes about President Obama. Now, they’re left trying to backpedal and explain and apologize to everyone they discussed.

It’s not the first hacking scandal (think of many pictures of celebrities that were hacked from a cloud storage a while ago) and it won’t be the last. You’d think that leaders on that level would learn to be more careful, but evidently not.

Yet there’s a bigger picture here. If these emails had never been made public, the remarks about for instance the president would still not have been okay. They would have still been racially insensitive—and I’m using a much more politically correct expression here than they deserve.


Who we are, what we say, what we do when no one is watching, that’s what defines us.

If I were to read your emails, or your texts, or your private messages on social media, would they bring honor to God and His Kingdom? Or would you have reason to be embarrassed, to apologize to people even?

Nothing you put ‘out there’ is private anymore, we should all know that by now. But even if you never become victim of a security leak or hack, you should still care about what you write. Email like you could be hacked, text like everyone can read it, DM as if it will be published.

What would you need to do differently?

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