Understanding Teenagers and Social Media

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If you work with teenagers you already know how powerful social media is in their lives.
  • Instant messaging: 79% of all teens instant message their friends; 27% do so daily.
  • Social media: 72% of all teens spend time with friends via social media; 23% do so daily.


We know how popular social media is. We know how important it is to teenagers. But in this course we’ll drive into understanding why all of this is so popular in the lives of teenagers.  Join Adam McLane in 5 sessions where you’ll learn about the driving forces behind social media use, explore current trends, get an overview of what’s popular as well as learn how to find this information for yourself as new platforms and trends emerge. You’ll also consider some pragmatic implications of social media on your youth ministry. Note: This course isn’t about how to use social media in your ministry. It’s about how, why, and what teenagers are doing with social media.

What’s Included in Understanding Teenagers and Social Media 

  • Five video sessions
  • Each session includes a quiz with further reading and written responses, with interaction with our team as you learn.
  • Access to the facilitator
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Materials

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Recommended Resources

A Parents Guide to Understanding Social Media by Mark Oestreicher and Adam McLane It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens by Danah Boyd

About the Instructor

Adam McLane is a Partner at The Youth Cartel. He is the co-author of A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media and a forthcoming book on social media and youth workers, releasing in early 2017. Kristen and Adam have been married 19 years and live in the San Diego neighborhood of Rolando with their rowdy children, Megan, Paul, and Jackson.