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  • Hiring 101

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    • Hiring 101 - $10.00

    In this 4-part online course Kevin Libick walks your church staff or search committee through a process for identifying and hiring a great youth worker.

  • Crafting a Youth Ministry Resume

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    • Crafting a Youth Ministry Resume - $10.00

    This course includes two lessons from veteran youth worker Jeremy Steele will help you craft a great resume that will hopefully help you land your next youth ministry job. In the first lesson you’ll walk through all the pre-work, all the stuff you need to get together for your resume. In the second lesson you’ll […]

  • Quick Tips for Talking to Teenagers

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    • Quick Tips for Talking to Teenagers - $5.00

    In this 10 minute lesson veteran youth worker Jeremy Steele will cover mistakes to avoid and tips to try when talking to teenagers in your youth ministry.   What’s Included in this Course   10 minute video lesson A worksheet A brief quiz for applying these tips in your ministry with feedback from our team […]

  • Helping Teenagers in Crisis

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    • Helping Teenagers in Crisis - $20.00

    In these four video sessions you will better understand teenage crisis as well as learn how to appropriately respond.

  • Communicating with Teenagers, Parents, and Volunteers

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    • Communicating with Students, Parents, and Volunteers - $30.00

    Six video sessions that will develop your youth ministry communication plan as well as plan communication for your next event.