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A Father’s Love

If you’re looking for a great illustration on the love of a father, check out this video.

I came across it on Facebook and it hit me deep. Here’s a dad who is doing everything he can to take care of his handicapped son. And he does it with a love and patience that’s overwhelming. Even when his son literally lashes out at him, he stays calm and keeps on loving him. Continue reading A Father’s Love

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Interactive Youth Sermon on Psalm 1

Psalm 1 is a beautiful Psalm, but it’s often used as a moralistic lesson on either the need to read the Bible more, or what Christian behavior should look like. Instead, use this Psalm to let students discover the cause-and-effect concept and see for themselves what loving God’s Word can result in.

Bible Passage: Psalm 1

Key Message: God blesses those who love the Bible Continue reading Interactive Youth Sermon on Psalm 1

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Youth Sermon: Jesus is the Rock (Matthew 7:24)

One false theology I have great issues with, is the prosperity Gospel. No matter how big your faith, storms will come in life and I want my students to have deep roots in Christ. If they build their faith on Jesus the Rock, they’ll be able to survive any storm with their faith intact. For more Youth Sermon Topics, check our our special page!

Bible passage: Matthew 7:24-27

Key Message: Jesus is the Rock Continue reading Youth Sermon: Jesus is the Rock (Matthew 7:24)

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Youth Sermon Idea: Why does God Allow Evil?

It’s one of the questions that keeps popping up in conversations with teens: why does God allow evil? If He is all powerful, if He loves us, why does He allow bad things to happen to us? And why don’t Christians do any ‘better’ in this department than non-Christians?

While this is not a topic that can be dealt with to everyone’s satisfaction in a 20 or even 30-minute sermon, it is good to address it. You could do a follow up in the small groups with the sermon as a starting point.

I’ve picked the person of Job here as a basis to discuss this difficult question, as his story helps us to find answers. Because his story is important to understand the advice his friends give him, you may need to either read several passages from the Book of Job, or explain them yourself in a narrative way. Continue reading Youth Sermon Idea: Why does God Allow Evil?

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Youth Sermon Idea: Love is a Choice

In our postmodern society, there are many words and concepts that have gotten a completely different definition than before. Truth, right, wrong, tolerance, these are just a few. Love also falls into that category. Where once upon a time love meant commitment, monogamy, friendship, and for the most part something that lasted, it has now often become cheap, physical, quick, a matter of feelings that can pass as quick as they have come. It’s time to explain what love is al about…

Bible passage: 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8

Key message: Love is a choice

Synopsis: This passage gives us a perfect picture of what love should be like. It describes a perfect love in clear and uncertain terms. But reading this almost hurts, because we all know love like this doesn’t exist in real life…or does it? This passage first and foremost describes God’s perfect love. This passage and others (like Isaiah 54:10, though this was spoken to Israel and not to us) make clear that God’s love is perfect and eternal and that we can trust it to always be there. God’s love is a choice based on God’s character, not on out worthiness of being loved. God proved that when He loves us when we were still sinners and gave up His Son to save us from our sins. Secondly, it shows that love is a choice. Love is not a feeling, it’s a choice we make every day, every hour, to do the loving thing. Love exists where people choose to love. Are you trusting in God’s love for you? And what are you doing to choose love? Continue reading Youth Sermon Idea: Love is a Choice

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Youth Sermon Idea: God Keeps His Promises

It can be tough to come up with fresh ideas for youth sermons. We love helping out here, so today we offer a sermon from the book of Jeremiah on God keeping His promises .

Bible passage: Jeremiah 29:1, 4-21

Key message: God keeps His promises

Synopsis: God had warned the Jews in Judah that He would punish them and send them in exile, because they had forgotten about Him. But the people didn’t listen. Now they were taken away and they were prisoners in a foreign land. They deserved every bit of punishment for forgetting about God who had done so much for them. God had warned them for years through the prophet Jeremiah that He would bring destruction if they didn’t change their sinful ways. But even though God punished them (and we read about the coming destruction of Jerusalem here in verse 15-21), He still kept His promise that He would never truly forsake them. He promised them that their captivity will last 70 years, but that He would bring them back to Israel. Also, He assured them that ultimately He had the best in mind for them. He wanted to bless them–but they do need to obey Him. Continue reading Youth Sermon Idea: God Keeps His Promises

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Youth Sermon Idea: Psalm 84

Psalm 84 is best known for the famous worship song Matt Redman has written: Better is one day. It’s a Psalm with a great message for teens that will help them find a place of belonging, a home with God.

Bible passage: Psalm 84

Key message: Home is with God

Synopsis: The question of where our home is, is an interesting one for many people. Is home the place where you were born, the place where you live, the place you long for, or something else? One thing is certain, as Christians our real home is not here. As Larry Norman once put it, we’re ‘only visiting this planet’. Our real home is with God. Continue reading Youth Sermon Idea: Psalm 84

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4 Youth Sermon Topics from the Psalms

1. Psalm 1: Just like a tree that’s planted by the waterside…

Bible passage: Psalm 1

Key message: Studying the Bible helps you grow roots and bear fruit

Synopsis: There are many reasons why it’s a good habit to study the Bible regularly. One of them is the central message of this Psalm. If we ‘delight’ in God’s Word, we grow roots that will last a lifetime and make our faith stand strong, even in times of drought. What does it mean to delight in God’s Word? It means reading, studying, meditating (= thinking about it) and then applying it. How do you score on these four and what could you do to grow in this area? How strong are your roots right now? And what does it mean to bear fruit? This is mostly about character, a godly character that will be blessed by God. Continue reading 4 Youth Sermon Topics from the Psalms

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7 Youth Sermon Ideas from the OT

1. Joseph: Trusting God in difficult circumstances

Bible passage: Genesis 39, Romans 8:28

Key message: God will use our difficult circumstances for good if we trust Him

Synopsis: Joseph was first sold into slavery by his brothers, then falsely accused by the wife of his employer, resulting in him being out in jail. Yet God blessed him where ever he was and ultimately made him king of Egypt under the pharaoh. God used Joseph’s difficult circumstances for good, but it called for trust and patience on Joseph’s side. Can we do the same in the midst of our difficult circumstances, can we trust God to use these for good?

Tip: don’t forget to explain who Joseph was, not every student will be familiar with his story. Continue reading 7 Youth Sermon Ideas from the OT

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7 Youth Sermon Ideas from the NT

1. Heaven is a place on earth

Bible passage: Revelation 21

Key message: Heaven is just like earth, only perfect

Synopsis: Our image of heaven is often something along the lines of sitting on a cloud and praising God all day. This can seem boring to teens who doing instead of being. But Revelation 21 shows us a completely different picture of heaven: it’s actually a new earth, a perfect earth. And other Scripture passages show us we won’t be sitting on a cloud all day either, because there’s work to do. That makes heaven something to really look forward to. But are we sure heaven is our final destination? And what about our family and friends?

Tip: A book that really helped me in shaping my view of heaven was Randy Alcorns ‘Heaven’. Tons of sold Biblical info in there. I’ve also spent five minutes in this sermon discussing hell, because I felt I couldn’t discuss just one option for our eternal destination. Continue reading 7 Youth Sermon Ideas from the NT