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THINK Bundle Sale

Today’s teenagers won’t accept merely being told information or the party line. They want to wrestle and explore—they want to be contributors and help develop their own set of beliefs. So rather than leave this process of exploration until their young adult years, a time when many of them will have left the Church, what if we purposefully came alongside our teens and helped them explore and own their beliefs while they’re still teenagers? That’s what THINK is all about.

Get all 6 volumes:

For the next 7 days, get the entire THINK library for only $49.99. That’s over 60%!

  • THINK Bundle
    THINK Bundle
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12-Month Student Discipleship Journal

All youth workers want to help teenagers grow in their faith, expanding their participation in the kingdom of God beyond Sundays or Wednesdays until it becomes an integral part of their everyday lives. The 12-Month Student Discipleship Journal is designed with that in mind, intended to help youth build habits of Bible reading, reflection, and prayer.

Students can use this journal individually, or each member of a youth group or small group could have a copy and meet for discussion of what they are learning and wondering. The book is set up so students can begin any time during the year.

As they spend a short but focused time each day with this journal, students will grow in their faith with Bible readings, practical teaching, and interactive prompts that will help them engage with their questions, learn more about God and his Word, and discover more of what it means to be a follower of Christ.


Order in bulk and save! – Discount automatically applied.
5-9 copies: $12.99
10+ copies: $10.99

  • 12-Month Student Discipleship Journal
    12-Month Student Discipleship Journal
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NEW: Deeper Questions Curriculum Volume 2: The Trinity

Teenagers’ curiosity, enthusiasm, and engagement are some of the things we love most about them! They are full of deep questions about God, the world, and their role in it. Longtime youth worker Jen Bradbury has written this curriculum to help you guide your group through fun, meaningful, and thought-provoking discussion of teens’ most-asked questions about the three persons of the Trinity:

Lesson 1: Is God a man?
Lesson 2: Can God change God’s mind?
Lesson 3: Is God colorblind?
Lesson 4: Is Jesus really good news?
Lesson 5: Who is what is the Holy Spirit?

Every week’s lesson includes key Scripture passages, interactive activities, a detailed outline to lead you through the main discussion, small group questions, a prayer experience, and a guide for how teenagers can continue these conversations later with a parent or other trusted adult.

  • Deeper Questions Curriculum Volume 2: The Trinity
    Deeper Questions Curriculum Volume 2: The Trinity

(Technology doesn’t always cooperate, so please use the add to cart button above, not on the product page to add to your cart)

Author Bio:

Jen Bradbury serves as the TenX10 Content Director for Fuller Youth Institute. Jen holds an MA in Youth Ministry Leadership from Huntington University. Prior to working at FYI, she served as a youth worker in the local church for 19 years. Jen is the author of several books including The Jesus Gap: What Teens Actually Believe about Jesus, The Real Jesus, and Called: A Novel About Youth Ministry Transitions. Jen lives with her husband, daughters, and cat in the Chicago suburbs.

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The Anxious Teen – Now Shipping

The Anxious Teen: Ministry with Stressed and Fearful Students, from Brock Morgan and Hallie Scott, is now shipping.

About the book:

Now more than ever, teens are struggling with stress, anxiety, and fear. Between social media, the 24/7 flood of news from around the world, global pandemics, mental health crises, the pressure of getting good grades or attending a specific college, financial stress at home, and existential threats like climate change, it’s no wonder.

Teenagers today are different from teenagers even 10 or 20 years ago. The issues they are facing are complex and wide-ranging. How can youth workers understand them better? What are the best ways to meet anxious teens where they are and help them feel seen, loved, and known—both by our youth ministries and by the God who cares for them so deeply?

Brock Morgan uses his conversational style and trademark humor to approach this topic from the starting point of his own experiences with anxiety and his decades in youth ministry. In these pages he provides context to help us understand today’s anxiety-ridden reality, and teaches skills and practices we can develop in ourselves and our youth to move forward in a lasting, healthy faith.

Brock Morgan
With over 30 years of experience in youth ministry, Brock Morgan is a sought-after communicator known for his amazing storytelling and insight into the next generation. He is the associate pastor over youth ministries at The Bridge in Chino, California, and is the author of many highly regarded books, including Youth Ministry 2027. He and his wife, Kelsey, their daughter, Dancin, and their puppy, C.S. Lewis, live in Southern California. You can find out more about him at

Hallie Scott (MA, Azusa Pacific University) is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in Brea, California, and an adjunct professor at Azusa Pacific University. She is the author of Hope Beyond an Empty Cradle.

  • The Anxious Teen: Ministry with Stressed and Fearful Students
    The Anxious Teen: Ministry with Stressed and Fearful Students
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New on Kindle

We are super excited to let you know a number of our newest titles are now available on Kindle for your e-reading pleasure. We love it when you buy our physical books, but we understand you also like to carry around your youth ministry library in your pocket so you can catch up on your reading while you are waiting on that Chick-fil-a order to be brought out to your car or enjoying that last trip to the beach before summer is over.

Here are our new Kindle releases (click the title to see on Amazon):

Being Young
5 Views on the Future of Youth Ministry
A Faith of their Own
What Do I Believe About What I Believe?

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Help Your Teens with Deeper Questions

Teenagers are smart and insightful, full of joy, doubts, worries, hope, great ideas, generosity, and questions. Their questions about the world and about God are as complex as they are, and they don’t settle for easy answers. That’s why we created this devotional and curriculum, which addresses the things teens often wonder about faith and life.

These will both be releasing August 1st, but we are running a pre-release special with extra savings. 

  • Deeper Questions Curriculum, Volume 1: The Bible
    Deeper Questions Curriculum, Volume 1: The Bible
  • What Do I Believe About What I Believe: A Deeper Questions Devotional
    What Do I Believe About What I Believe: A Deeper Questions Devotional
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Introducing: Stir

Help stir the faith imagination of your students. Stir is designed for youth workers to lead, not follow by using different elements centered around a common theme and the leader decides which elements to use to create their lesson. Stir can be used for sermons, bible studies, retreats, camps, and more.

Each volume contains three lessons. Each lesson has three sections: Head, Heart, and Hands. Teaching elements include videos, discussion questions, sermon helps, activities, and more.

Use code “stir” when you purchase both and save $10!

  • Stir: Humans
    Stir: Humans
  • Stir: Creation
    Stir: Creation
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Total Family Ministry

This huge collection of digital resources is designed to help strengthen the families in your church from David and Kathy Lynn.

The hundreds of resources included could be used in many ways. Here are some of the directions you could go:

Parenting Faith
Empower, equip, and encourage parents to be more intentional about passing on their Christian faith to their children, including teenagers, by practicing the Five Faith Promises.

• Grandparenting Faith
Implement an effective grandparenting faith ministry …get an initiative going and growing that helps grandparents pass on their Christian faith to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

• Faith Make-n-Takes
Six quick and easy cross†generational activities that families can create in the church building to use at home. Your youth lead these activities.

• MarriagEnergizers
A MarriagEnergizers ministry provides you with resources to strengthen marriages in Christ. Your youth can partner with a married couple as they encourage couples in their marriage.

• Families Together
A monthly gathering of families (excluding December and July), including singles and seniors, who play, pray, grow, and serve together. Youth lead all the family sessions.

Get Total Family Ministry today to make supporting the families in your church easier.

  • Total Family Ministry
    Total Family Ministry
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Coming Soon: A Faith of Their Own

At this point, it goes without saying that the number of young people in the church is shrinking. Countless studies and books have examined this trend and proffered helpful theories and next steps. But have all of the contributing factors been identified?

Maybe not. In A Faith of Their Own, longtime youth worker Nathan Wheeler looks at an as-yet-unexplored possibility: theology. Wheeler examines what theology we commonly teach in our youth ministries, often by default more than intention, and how that theology can be inadvertently detrimental to the church participation of younger generations.

This helpful and challenging book will guide youth workers to think deeply and explore new strategies, all in the pursuit of helping the young people in our ministries grow a compelling, challenging, and robust faith they’ll choose to engage with throughout their entire lives.

Order today and save with our pre-release special. (Offer ends Jan 19, 2022)

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NEW Discipleship Tools From YouthScape

We are super excited about these new products from our friends at YouthScape. They have been innovating youth ministry in the UK for over 25 years and we are so happy to be their exclusive partner to make these available in the United States. These resources can help challenge your students to grow in the faith while becoming stronger as a group. 

  • Youthscape Shuffle
    Youthscape Shuffle
  • Youthscape Dice
    Youthscape Dice
  • Youthscape Bricks
    Youthscape Bricks