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Cartel vs. Club

jeff goins (a graduate of the Cartel’s Youth Ministry Coaching Program) wrote a fantastic post about the difference between a club and a cartel. click through to read it here.

a few selections:

The difference between a club and a cartel appears to be a matter of semantics, but it’s a lot more than that. And the difference holds the secret to making a difference as a leader and communicator in the world.

A club is a group with a shared interest. A cartel is an agreement among competitors. Clubs are about exclusion and competition. Cartels are about inclusion and collaboration.

Three marks of a cartel:

  1. A cartel is not an organization. It’s a collaboration.
  2. A cartel is generous with its resources. It rewards insiders and encourages outsiders.
  3. A cartel isn’t for everyone. But it is for someone.

so good, and so in line with who we at The Youth Cartel hope to be!

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