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bullies, bullied, and fighting back

High school student Whitney Kropp was shocked earlier this month when she was named to the homecoming court.

Her happy surprise turned to humiliation when she learned the reason. The students thought it would be funny if the popularity contest was won by someone who was unpopular.

Kids pointed at her in the hallways and laughed. The boy who was picked with her withdrew.

Students told her that, in case she was wondering why the boy had dropped out, he was uncomfortable being linked with her.

“I thought I wasn’t worthy,” said Kropp, 16. “I was this big old joke.”

Source: The Detroit News

this one’s tricky for me.

the initial bullying was horrible. and the help and outpouring of support it, on one hand, really wonderful. but i wonder how the bullied girl feels about the whole town feeling pity and pitching in to help the “most unpopular student.”

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  1. It is interesting for me too considering that is my home town and my old high school. The class she is stuck in is a large bully class that just needs Jesus. I had the priveldge to be the youth pastor to many of her friends for several years. My prayers and support go out to her. My only hope is that the school wakes up to the fact that bullying is a huge problem there and has not been delt with in the past. Now that there is media coverage that should help…it usually does. My heart goes out to rural communities that seem to struggle statistically with every negative characteristic much more than urban communities.
    Love you Marco…keep it up. Would love to meet you again someday soon.
    James Perry
    Countryside Free Methodist
    Sandusky, MI 48471

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