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Bully – The Movie

Bully, the movie, opened last night in New York and LA. Eventually, it will likely be in theaters all over.

Sadly, I’ve heard more about the movie rating for this film than I have about it’s content.

I know– this isn’t a project that “comes from us.” But it is something we could rally behind and relatively easily and practically do something about.

How do you create a safe, bully-free environment in your youth ministry? 

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Bully – The Movie

  1. When will the church realize it’s not and “us” vs. “them” issue… as the Church we are to be a people of redemption. This is a crisis in need of redemption. Let’s stand in support of it and see redemption come to life.

  2. Everyone at some point in their life has said something hurtful to other people in their lives which shows our fallen human condition. It not only is a great discussion starter on how we treat other people, but also on forgiveness and redemption.

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