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bryan stevenson on identity and injustice

holy cow, what an amazing TED talk! tony jones mentioned this one on his blog, and it blew me away. sure, it’s got a bit of a humanistic edge to it; but there’s so much truth and beauty in the ideas that a civilization’s character will be their legacy, not their design or technology or other advances. i was so quickly thinking these things:

1. man, i wish i could present like that. so clear, focused, winsome, humble, engaged, and articulate.
2. wow, i hope every presenter at The Summit brings it like that.
3. our legacy in youth ministry will be the character of our ministries, not our flair (design) or programs (technology).

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “bryan stevenson on identity and injustice

  1. Thanks for sharing Mark. I’m pretty sure this man understands the Gospel much better than many of the most “successful” mega church pastors.

  2. I encourage you to show this TED at The Summit.

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