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Arizona School Says No to Breast Cancer T-shirts

I’m certain you are well aware that October is breast cancer awareness month. In the sporting world pink is all the rage. And I think that we could agree that at some level, professional and college athletes.

But one Arizona school had  to draw the line. When the cheerleaders of Gilbert High School bought t-shirt which featured the slogan, “Feel for lumps, save your bumps”  the school’s administration had to act. Catchy slogan… but not appropriate for high school students. [Read the story at USA Today]

What is the line between legitimately raising awareness (and funds) and teenagers who just wanting to talk about breasts?

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Arizona School Says No to Breast Cancer T-shirts

  1. After reading the full article I think the administration and principal are picking and choosing what the shirts can say. I mean “I’d hit that!” was on the chorus shirts, what organization were they supporting with the shirt. As for your question, teenage boys don’t need a charity to talk about breasts, so in my opinion these shirts are awesome, my question is, how many people would buy one now just for the association? It’s no worse than the ones that say, “save the tatas”.

    1. Yeah, “I’d hit that” is very educational. (sarcasm)

      I think one could argue that most of this “awareness” isn’t really about breast cancer, it’s just an excuse for people to talk about breasts. The whole “I love boobies” bracelet thing that 14 year old boys like to wear… I’m sure that’s all about breast cancer.

      It’s a weird phenomenon. And, like you, I just think it’s weird that the administration has to make judgement calls on things like this. I can imagine that meeting. “Hit that” is totally OK. But “feel for bumps” is not OK.

      What a weird world!

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