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Books from The Youth Cartel are Back on Amazon

Maybe you noticed? Maybe you didn’t. But a lot of our books are now available in paperback at as well Amazon in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Japan. With that in mind I wanted to answer some questions about buying our books on Amazon.

Amazon (again) FAQ

Question: So like didn’t you guys totally break up? You made kind of a big deal about it, too. Like it was a thing.

Answer: Like OK. We did totally break up. In fact, we dumped them because they were like taking money from us and it was gross and we dumped them. But we’re back together again. So yeah, it’s cool again.

Question: So wait… before you were losing money with them, so you broke up obviously, so what’s changed? How did you guys work it out?

Answer: They’ve changed. OK, well maybe not really because they still are still Amazon and all that stuff. But they have a new program we like and can work with that works for us a little better and as a bonus our books are now available to bookstores and in a lot of countries, which is ultimately better for our customers.

Question: So you’re not broken up any more? You’re back with Amazon…

Answer: I mean look at the arms on Bezos. We got our ticket to the gun show.

Question: So your books are available in a bunch of countries. Why aren’t your books for sale in all countries Amazon is in, like say… Canada or Australia or New Zealand?

Answer: We know. We want our books sold those places, too. I mean, we’re a publisher and we like it when our books are available everywhere. The short answer is that we’re now waiting for Amazon to expand the program we’re in to those places. We want it, other publishers want it, and I think Amazon is looking to do it.

Question: So if I live in France and I buy a book on does that mean you’re shipping me a book from the States?

Answer: Nope, your book is actually printed in France… or at least somewhere in the EU. We have no idea what that means for the UK if/when they decide to break up with the EU but they have all sorts of problems to sort out.

Question: Are these books Prime eligible?

Answer: You better believe it.

Question: Can I get bulk discounts?

Answer: Amazon doesn’t offer bulk discounts. But we offer bulk discounts right here on our store, nothing has changed there.

Question: Great, can we talk about books on Kindle?

Answer: Our books do much better in paperback for us financially so we’re a bit slow on releasing them for Kindle. While Kindle is great for fiction, we’re a non-fiction publisher and like everyone else that does non-fiction… Kindle is on the decline. So that’ll be sporadic and based per title… but also demand. If you and 100 friends want a book on Kindle, let us know!

Question: Are you going to break up with Amazon again?

Answer: Gosh, I hope so. Breaking up and getting back together is fun.

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Books from The Youth Cartel are Back on Amazon

  1. Welcome back! And while I want you guys to make as much money as possible. I for one have loved seeing your titles being back on Kindle whenever I can find them. When I have the choice, I always vote Kindle, or at least an ebook option that I can put on my devices. I hate trying to keep track of a paper book, and the convenience of having it everywhere is paramount.

  2. Hi Luke, I get it. Kindle users are a ravenous group of super readers! And that’s super rad. Just being transparent, our challenge with Kindle is that it represents about 2% of total revenue on our books but has the same cost to use of getting a person to buy it as a paperback book. When someone “buys” a Kindle book, it’s totally great for us money-wise, as good or better than buying a physical copy. But most often people “borrow” books or get access to them via another Amazon program that means that we either don’t get paid at all, or more often that we get paid per page read and not per download of the book. What happens is that we go through the expense of marketing a book to a person who downloads it for their Kindle, but because they don’t read it right away, we don’t get paid. So that’s is why we end up releasing Kindle versions sporadically. For books we feel like are going to get a lot of downloads… we’ll do it. But for those we don’t feel that way about, we’ll eventually do it… more like when we have time than as a top priority.

    Just wanted to be transparent in the “why” of what I said in the post!

  3. Oh… Ok then

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