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Middle School Small Group Community Manager


Hope Community Church is a non-denominational church of 7,500 located in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina with a vision to reach the triangle and change the world through living out it’s mission to love people where they are and encourage them to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Hope has grown into a multi-site church, with a second campus located in Holly Springs about 25 minutes away from our central campus and a third campus located in Morrisville.

We are seeking a natural leader with a heart for connecting students into community, a contagious passion for recruiting and equipping volunteers, and a desire to partner with parents to influence the next generation. This role will provide direction, administration, development, communication, and leadership of middle school small groups, across all three campuses, in line with the overall mission, vision, values, and strategies of Hope Community Church. The primary goal for the Middle School Small Group Community Manager is foster growth and development in middle school students within five key areas of ministry: live what you learn, serve where you are gifted, give of your resources, share your story, and connect with others. We believe this is done through small group development, outreach, community impact, missional living, and working with parents to help them become better spiritual leaders in the home. The ideal candidate for this position should demonstrate a passion for these areas.

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Organization name: Hope Community Church


Location: Raleigh, NC

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Welcome to The Youth Cartel!

Watch this first!

Today is a big day for us here at The Youth Cartel. Even though we’ve been around for a few months now, we’d merely been a one-man show. Not much of a cartel, actually. But today we can announce that starting very soon, Adam McLane will be joining Marko as a partner in The Youth Cartel. Two is almost a cartel, right?

Really, as we’ve talked and dreamed about what we could do together, we kept coming back to one thing: we were both passionate about raising up new voices in youth ministry. We had a bunch of meetings, drew all over a bunch of flip chart pages, sent each other a hundred emails and a thousand text messages, chatted on gmail chat, and passed draft documents back and forth with google docs. What came out of this dreaming and praying is a vision to serve and resource the world of youth ministry in new ways.

We’re going to do this in four areas:

  • coaching and consulting
  • gatherings
  • innovative resource development
  • and marketing services

We’re also planning on providing versions of these for both individual youth workers, as well as organizations. So, for individual youth workers, coaching means the Youth Ministry Coaching Program. For organizations, we’re helping churches and ministries understand and connect with the world of youth ministry. For gatherings, we’ll continue to offer ourselves as event speakers, as well as launching a series of unique youth ministry events. For innovative resource development, we’ll soon be providing youth workers with revolutionary and unique digital resources, written by voices you need to hear from; and we’ll serve ministries and other organizations by developing resources on their behalf. Marketing services, for the individual youth worker includes coaching and technical help on blogs and other social media platforms; and for organizations, this includes a wide variety of services from website development to social media campaigns.

We want to be clear about something: this isn’t about us. This is about finding a way to elevate the voices and ideas of a new generation of youth workers from the fringes. This is about promoting new youth ministry voices to the world we know and love, and about helping organizations connect with the amazing tribe of youth workers.

You’ll see lots of great new stuff rolling out in the months to come, adding to the work we’re already doing. You’ll see resources and new events, new email lists (with helpful, free stuff!), and a short-and-sweet podcast. You’ll see creative partnerships, and cool opportunities for engagement.

For now, we’d love you to become a part of The Cartel. You can connect with us in a few ways:

  • “Like” our new Facebook page here. That’s a place where you can stay up to date on new stuff, youth ministry discussions, and a community of people who understand you.
  • Follow our Twitter feed here. We won’t annoy you with tweets about what we’re eating or the location of our oil change, promise.
  • Sign up for our e-newsletters here. Our first, YouTube You Can Use, will launch in September, and provide you with a weekly link to a YouTube video, as well as creative ways to use it. Other e-newsletters will follow.
  • Add The Youth Cartel blog to your reader. In addition to Marko’s and Adam’s blogs, The Youth Cartel blog will be a place for conversation and revolutionary ideas.

Oh, and we’d sure appreciate it if you would tweet, Facebook, blog, or Google+ about all of this!

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know if you have ideas for us, or other ways you’d like to connect. Leave a comment below! With your help, we’re hoping we can Instigate a Revolution in Youth Ministry.