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Are you ready for Tebow-mania?

With last weekends John Elway-like comeback victory against the winless Dolphins, preceded by more than a year of fan demands to see him play, Tebow-mania has now officially commenced nationwide.

This week’s edition of ESPN Magazine brings some insight on Tebow-mania which I found interesting:

The people rejoiced, and their faith was rewarded. In the fourth quarter, down 26-10, Tebow led two touchdown drives in 3 minutes and 38 seconds. He ran for one, he threw for the other. He was typically unconventional, underthrowing and scrambling and occasionally having trouble with snaps from center. In the game’s final 24 seconds, Tebow drove the Broncos to the San Diego 29, where his final pass, coming after a 12-second scramble, fell incomplete in the end zone. He was unconventional, yes, but unconventionally effective. It was one of the coolest losses ever.

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While its hard for Florida Gator fans to understand, Tim Tebow winning the Heisman trophy didn’t necessarily make him a household name. There are tons of people who care about the NFL way more than they pay attention to anything that happens in college. On top of that, many college football fans are so focused on their own teams that they never bother to catch the storyline of another teams player.

But now that he is the starter and has done what Elway so famously did in Denver… the Tebow nation is commencing. He’s already got the #1 selling jersey in the league. But are we ready for a full-fledged role model?

What have you seen? Have the students in your ministry taken notice of Tebow?

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