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Poll: What apps are your students using?

We live in a time when about 75% of the students in our youth ministries have a smart phone connected to the internet. Those same students send more than 3300 text messages per month, on average.

And up until about a year ago the single most popular social media site for 13-19 year olds was Facebook. And while technically Facebook is still, by far, the most popular social media application on the planet, enthusiasm for Facebook is changing. I normally hear things like, “I never use Facebook anymore.” Or “I’m bored of Facebook.” But I’ve also seen that the actual data is different than that. So while lots of teenagers are saying they are not using Facebook, there isn’t a significant drop in their actual usage. Instead, Facebook has just become ubiquitous… like Gmail. They use it but not like they used to.

From a social media perspective, we’re going through a period of time that is being called fracturing. That’s just a fancy word that means that Facebook isn’t quite as dominant as it once was and it has made room for lots of other applications to build a user base among a demographic. In this case, teenagers.

I’d love your input

Think about the teenagers in your life and answer the one question poll below.

Please note: I’m not interested in the apps that you think teenagers are using. (Or what you are hearing they use.) I’m interested in knowing what applications you know for a fact the teenagers in your life are using right now. (This week, today.)

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Poll: What apps are your students using?

  1. My youth group is only made of Middle Schoolers, so my answers might be skewed. Here is the order, most popular to least popular, for my students:

    1. Youtube
    2. InstaGram
    3. Vine
    4. Twitter
    5. Facebook
    6. Snapchat

    I know students who use the others, but they are negligible compared to the amount that use the others.

  2. I asked a group of 60+ moms who attend our Moms with Teens class at my church to ask their teens your question. Here’s what I heard in ranking order:

    1. Instagram
    2. Facebook, Snapchat, Pandora, Weather Channel/AccuWeather – all tied
    3. Pinterest, Twitter
    4. Tumblr, YouTube, M. Cycle (period tracker), Flikster, Pic Stich, Hollister

    They also listed dozens other, but these were the clear front runners.

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