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Announcing my Book Storify

It’s officially here! I’m beyond excited and proud to announce the official release of my book Storify: Speaking to Teenagers in a Post-Christian World, published by The Youth Cartel. It’s my deepest hope and prayer that this book will equip youth leaders and speakers everywhere (including pastors!) to reach this post-Christian generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Here’s the back blurb:

The gospel is the most powerful, life-changing message the Church has to offer the next generation. So why do so many young people seem uninterested in receiving it? Why are we finding that even many “churched” youth are gospel illiterate, as if they’ve never listened to the hours of teaching we know they’ve received? Why do so many youth walk out of the Church when they walk out of high school?

Could it really be as simple as a failure to communicate in the way our young people learn best?

Inspiring speaker and veteran youth worker Rachel Blom is exploring our current faith landscape, the learning styles of the postmodern teenager, and the power of story. The result? An invitation to re-examine the way we’re communicating the greatest story ever told.

cover Storify

And here’s the table of contents:


PART ONE: Postmodernism, Post-Christianity, and Story

Chapter 1: The Postmodern, Post-Christian Reality

Chapter 2: Millennials in (and Outside of) the Church

Chapter 3: How Postmodern Youth Learn

Chapter 4: The Power of Story

PART TWO: Storify

Chapter 5: The Story of the Gospel

Chapter 6: The Story of You

Chapter 7: The Structure of Stories

Chapter 8: The Theme of Your Story

Chapter 9: The Use of Story

Chapter 10: The Surprise of Mini-Story

Chapter 11: Becoming a Great Storyteller

Chapter 12: Multimedia: Maximizing the Storify Impact


I’m very proud of this book (Adam McLane did an awesome job on the cover by the way, I love it!) and I know it can transform the way youth leaders craft and deliver their messages. But I need your help to get the word out, so please help me by sharing this post, by recommending the book to others and by leaving (hopefully positive!) reviews on for instance Amazon or Goodreads.

You can buy it from The Youth Cartel using this link (and use the code ‘yla’ for a 10% off your entire order!): Storify on The Youth Cartel

Or buy it from Amazon here: Storify on Amazon

I’d love to know what you think of the book!

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Announcing my Book Storify

  1. So exciting!!! 😀

    1. I’m over the moon!

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