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Activating the Hearts of Teenagers Who Don’t See a Need for Jesus

Brock Morgan

About Brock Morgan

For six years Brock was a member of the Youth Specialties One-Day national speaking team and has been working with students for over 22 years. He is a popular speaker for camps, retreats, and conferences and has overseen youth ministries in both big and small churches. He has written for various magazines and co-authored the book Parent’s Guide to Teenage Guys with Mark Oestreicher. Currently Brock is the youth pastor at Trinity Church in Greenwich, Connecticut where he lives with his wife Kelsey and their lovely daughter. You can find out more about him, his writings, and his ministry at or follow him on twitter @brockmorgan


We loved Brock’s talk so much that we asked him to write a book on this topic!

Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World

Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian WorldYouth Ministry in a Post-Christian World is, above all, a story of honesty and hope. If you’re looking for another program manual of youth ministry how-tos and free advice, keep looking. But if you need a friend in the trenches, whose journey will make you feel a little less alone, then this is your next read.” -Kenda Creasy Dean

“This book is an invitation to reaching teenagers and calling them into an amazing life with Jesus.”  -Tic Long

The world is changing and it’s changing us—in some ways for the better. It requires us to reconsider the ways we think about and interact with the people around us. The good news is that thoughtful, humble, and curious youth workers are making headway in today’s world.

Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World is the collection of humble, story-driven, pragmatic and Jesus-focused reflections of a fellow youth worker forced to reconsider everything he knew about youth ministry: everything except the gospel, that is.

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Posted on 1 Comment

1 thought on “Activating the Hearts of Teenagers Who Don’t See a Need for Jesus

  1. Great conversation about living into mission in a post-Christian culture. We here in Canada can really identify with the overtures of the Post-Christian culture.

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