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5 Minutes with Marko Season 2

5 minutes with marko podcast

We know you missed the 5 Minutes with Marko podcast over the summer break, but we are excited to let you know it will be returning next week. Look for new episodes on Tuesdays.

If you missed out on season 1 or want to go back and catch up, now is a great time.

Helping Teens Meet the Real Jesus Five Minutes with Marko

Let’s help teenagers examine their childhood images of Jesus and meet the real Jesus.
  1. Helping Teens Meet the Real Jesus
  2. Stretching Toward Faith in Ministry
  3. The Power of Small
  4. Teenagers and Risk
  5. What Redwood Trees Teach Us About Youth Ministry

You can subscribe to 5 Minutes with Marko in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or where ever you listen to your favorite podcasts. You can watch on YouTube.

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