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12-Month Student Discipleship Journal

All youth workers want to help teenagers grow in their faith, expanding their participation in the kingdom of God beyond Sundays or Wednesdays until it becomes an integral part of their everyday lives. The 12-Month Student Discipleship Journal is designed with that in mind, intended to help youth build habits of Bible reading, reflection, and prayer.

Students can use this journal individually, or each member of a youth group or small group could have a copy and meet for discussion of what they are learning and wondering. The book is set up so students can begin any time during the year.

As they spend a short but focused time each day with this journal, students will grow in their faith with Bible readings, practical teaching, and interactive prompts that will help them engage with their questions, learn more about God and his Word, and discover more of what it means to be a follower of Christ.


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5-9 copies: $12.99
10+ copies: $10.99

  • 12-Month Student Discipleship Journal
    12-Month Student Discipleship Journal
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