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Easter Products from the Cartel

April 2014 is here. And that means a lot of things to a lot of people. For youth workers, it can mean… The end of the school year is coming… 2013-2014 is survivable! Spring Break mission trip time Easter… and all the awesomeness that comes with it. What are you up to, 9 services this […]

Contest! Win a Woo Worthy Prize Pack

This week we are celebrating the release of Morgan Schmidt’s brand new book, Woo: Awakening Teenagers’ Desire to Follow in the Way of Jesus.  We think you’ll fall in love with the book and Morgan! Contest We asked Morgan to put together a little prize pack of her favorite things from Seattle. Leave us your […]

Viva - Genesis

Introducing Viva

Today marks the official release of a brand new line of products we’re calling, Viva. On the first of every month we’re publishing 4, short & easy-to-use downloadable resources that you can use as stand-alone lessons, a series, or even just for ideas on your own lessons. At just $1.99 each or $5.99 for the […]

We need your help!

With our last Open event of the Winter this weekend we’re starting to turn our attention towards our Fall events. The biggest hurdle we’ve faced with The Summit is just telling people that it exists! When we talk to people about it they love the idea and want to be there. With that said… we’re still […]

Santa Dog lives the Cartel Life

Crazy Christmas Deals for the Kindle

We got wind from Amazon that our books on Kindle will be on sale starting tomorrow. (Update: Some started today!) So if you’re getting a Kindle for Christmas or just want to load up on Kindle versions of Cartel books, here’s your chance to get stuff at like a million percent off. (We can’t actually […]

Four Tensions a Leader Must Face

Being a leader isn’t an easy task. The greatest leaders in history are those who have learned to work around, embrace and resolve tension. While many people enjoy the responsibility of making decisions, choosing a direction or having people work for you, there is significant weight associated with being a leader because tension is inevitable. […]

Go to Haiti with Adam

Here at the Cartel we are passionate about stuff. And one thing Marko and I are particularly passionate is connecting youth workers to life transformation through short-term missions. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a little of the Cartel Life and you’ve had a little Holy Spirit tug or just flat out curiosity about bringing […]

Top Youth Ministry Blog Nominations

So, I flipped the calendar on the top youth ministry blog rankings. There are three main reasons for this. May/June was just a terribly busy time to try to do it. Plus, youth ministry blogs are doing weird things that time of year as their readership is winding down their ministry year. A couple of […]

NFL Draft 2013

Team and Transformation

I’m a huge fan of team sports because I love studying how teams are put together. I listen to endless hours of debate and rhetoric about what drafted or acquired player might turn into an all-star or high-functioning leader for his team; and who might be a better fit in terms of role or character on which team. […]