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An Interview with Steve Case

Last week, we released The Audacious Seven: Life Lessons from Seven Saints Who Didn’t Back Down. We love this curriculum and think that you will too! Recently, we asked Steve Case a few questions about The Audacious Seven, here’s what he had to say: TYC – Let’s start with the obvious… with Bible literacy a concern for so many […]


Four New Releases On January 6th

We’re proud to announce that our publishing line is adding four new titles, all of which release next Tuesday. All are available for pre-order with special pre-release pricing. A Youth Worker’s Field Guide to Parents: Understanding Parents of Teenagers by Danny Kwon The Audacious Seven: Life Lessons from Seven Saints Who Didn’t Back Down by […]

Student Justice Conference

Student Justice Conference – December Update

Over the past few weeks we’ve heard from a bunch of youth workers looking for an update on the Student Justice Conference. Here’s where we’re at: The cost of registration includes program, housing, and meals at Point Loma. If you’re not familiar with Point Loma Nazarene University, know that we picked it for three specific […]


Viva Las Christmas – Celebrate with us!

Part of the DNA that makes the Cartel tick is a willingness to experiment with new (cough, crazy) ideas and then allow the data to decide if we continue on with them. This isn’t unique to us, many start-ups use the same fail-fast methodology. One experiment we conducted in 2014 was Viva. Viva is a […]


The Road to The Summit

At The Summit there are some familiar faces as presenters and some unfamiliar ones. We want to tell you about one which might not be familiar to you… yet! In 2012, as we began to launch our first ever Open event in Seattle, my friend Jon Huckins told me… “You have to invite Morgan Schmidt to […]


Cartel Affiliates

Right at the gummy center of The Youth Cartel are two core things, collaboration and partnership. It’s who we are and what we do in everything we do. With the rapid expansion of our publishing line and events we wanted to provide a way for our friends to help… but also get paid a little for […]

Technical Update

Technical Update

The interwebs are funny. Ideally, you don’t notice anything happening in the background… stuff just works.  One thing I’ve had to deal with in my role here at the Cartel is that we had some stuff that didn’t just work. Or it worked but was just really slow. Here are three things that we’ve done behind the […]