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Mark Oestreicher


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I have a lifelong calling to youth ministry, and have been following that call for 30 years.  For many years, that meant working as a youth pastor in a local church (specifically, I worked with middle schoolers).  I started speaking and writing for Youth Specialties, and eventually went on staff there for 11 years, most of those as the president.  But I never stopped actually working directly with teenagers, and have been a volunteer middle school leader at my church for more than 12 years now (I lead a guys’ small group in my home every week).  I started The Youth Cartel to provide a variety of help to individual youth workers, and to organizations (churches and ministries) that want to connect with youth workers.  My wife of 25 years, Jeannie, and my two teenage kids, Liesl and Max, keep me grounded and humble.

It might scar you to read this, but here’s a list of 25 random-but-true things about Marko.

Adam McLane


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I’ve done youth ministry my entire adult life. Over the years I’ve held all sorts of positions and roles. I’ve been a volunteer, an intern, an interim youth pastor, a part-time youth pastor, a full-time youth pastor, a mentor to youth pastors, a coach to youth pastors, and even an architect of youth ministries planted in churches. Because a bachelors degree wasn’t enough youth ministry, I pursued a masters in youth ministry. You get the idea? I’m a youth ministry geek. Driven by the idea that youth workers lack a core network for idea sharing, I created an online community with some friends in 2005. That lead me to get to know Marko and YS. Three years later I found myself on staff with some of the most gifted and talented people I’d ever known. Three years after that, I joined Marko at The Youth Cartel, driven by the desire to help youth workers and organizations unleash the next wave of youth ministry innovation. But I’m not all about youth ministry all the time. I’ve been married to Kristen for 14 years, and together we have three kids, Megan (11), Paul (9), and Jackson (2).

Want some TMI about Adam? Here’s 25 random-but-true things you might not know.